Friday, February 10, 2006

Earth vs. the Spider

Hollywood gave us space aliens, giant ants, tarantulas and scorpions so why not a big freaking hairy spider?!
Earth vs the Spider (1958) is your standard B-monster movie but it can be fun to watch!
There's a blooper straight off in the credits with the word star spelled as Starrring at the beginning of the credits!
The two teenage couple who go looking for her missing father come across a giant spider in the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.
The town fathers don't believe them, of course, until they go out and see for themselves.
They use pesticides to kill it and haul it off to the high school auditorium where photographers take pictures until it gets taken away for research.
Wouldn't you know that a rock-and-roll group practicing in the auditorium wakes it up.
Either Mr. Spider wanted to jitterbug or wanted to request Little Richard or Elvis Presley!
Therein lies another blooper:
The amazing disappearing drummer.
He runs off when the spider awakens and then he's back again.
Maven personally things the young man who is "conducting" the combo should be listed as a blooper because he doesn't know squat from conducting.
Our hero, Mike Simpson (played by Gene Persson), has a father who runs a movie theatre. . . . It just happens that the movie that's playing is "something about puppet people" and comes from the same studio that produced The Spider, American International.
The spider goes on the usual rampage with the usual damsels in distress, a baby is somehow left in the middle of the street and everybody going nuts as they try to flee the town.
Our teenage hero and heroine, Mike and Carol, go back to the caves to retrieve her bracelet from her father and guess who shows up?!
You know when these females are so whiney their boyfriends will do ANYTHING to shut them up that trouble is all they get.
When the girls get THIS whiney, Maven starts rooting for the monsters!
You'll recognize Gene Roth (aka Gene Stutenroth) as the sheriff from all those Three Stooges shorts and other parts he played over the years.
As a matter of fact . . . Carol is such a pain that Maven wouldn't mind if the Three Stooges had sown up!
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