Sunday, January 08, 2006

I Married an Angel

Calvin Thomas Beck wrote about "I Married a Witch" in Scream Queens: Heroines of the Horrors (Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc.; New York, 1978).
On the relationship of the two stars, Frederic March and Veronica Lake:
During filming, March was subjected to Lake's practical jokes. In the scene in which he carries her off, a cameraman helped her rig a forty-pound weight under her dress. The scene was shot three times, with the unsuspecting March breathing heavily and gradually losing his strength. After the last take, the diminutive Lake looked at him, said "Big bones," and walked away. When March learned the truth a few days letter, it irritated him to such an extent that he never spoke to her thereafter. According to Lake, the reason for the jokes was that "he treated me like dirt under his talented feet."
Another I Married a Witch incident with March is described in her autobiography, Veronica: "The shot was medium, showing only the two of us from waist-high. We were into the scene, and he came close to me. He was standing direct in front of the chair. I carefully brought my foot up between his legs. And I moved my foot up and down, each upward movement pushing it ever so lightly into his groin. Pro that he is, he never showed his predicament during the scene. But it wasn't easy for him, and I delighted in knowing what was going through his mind. Naturally, when the scene was over, he laced into me. I just smiled."
Way to go!
The way Frederic March comes across in many of his films, Miss Maven thinks Mr. March deserved even worse, even if only shake him up a little to loosen him up!!!
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