Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ava Gardner

Who best to play the title character in "One Touch of Venus"?
How about Ava Gardner?!
[Ava Gardner, One Touch of Venus.
Doesn't this picture make her hands look deformed?!]
Eve Arden writes in her autobiography, Three Phases of Eve(St. Vincent's Press, New York, 1985, page 67):
[Eve Arden, 1936]
Universal offered me a part in One Touch of Venus, starring Ava Gardner . . . .
When she first stepped on the set, I thought she was certainly one of the most beautiful girls I'd ever seen. Those catlike green eyes looked me over, and then she smiled. Draped all in white, with her dark curls piled on her head, she shamed the statue from which she turned to flesh. . . .
[Ava Garnder, One Touch of Venus]
Since most of my scene were with Tom Conway, I didn't see much of Ava during the picture, but felt she was very much down to earth and likeable. One evening about a month after the picture was finished, I ran into her and Howard Duff in the neighborhood drugstore near my home.
[Can you imagine ANY drop-dead gorgeous moviestar going ANYWHERE today without paparazzi all over her?!?!
Not to mention what the television tabloids would do to find out what she was in there to buy!]
After a brief chat, Ava said, "Eve, you have a swimming pool, don't you?" . . . It was a very hot night, so I promptly invited them up for a dip. I dug out one of my bathing suits, which Ava draped over her much smaller figure, and we tied it on with knots. Bikinis were unknown then.
Venus on my diving board was sensational in a suit of knots. What Howard Duff wore I happily can't remember.
[Ava Gardner (left) and Robert Walker (right),
One Touch of Venus]
Does anyone really care?!
Maven certainly doesn't, especially when she thinks of herself in a bathing suit.
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