Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Making of King Kong, Part 2

King Kong struck a blow for womankind, according to Orville Goldner and George E. Turner in their "Making Of King Kong" (Ballantine Books, New York, 1975, page 9):
"Ann Darrow, the film's heroine immortalized by Fay Wray's performance, springs as surely from the life of Ruth Rose, co-author of the shooting script. Like Ann, the writer was an unemployed actress who found adventure and romance in far away, primitive lands. Had she not met her future husband [Ernset B. Schoedsack] aboard the expedition ship 'Arcturus' it is likely that the love scenes aboard the 'Venture' would have been played in the Philip Barry story fo dialogue that typified films of the period instead of a clumsily sincere tough-guy style that is touching because it seems real. The crusty Captain Englehorn and his roughneck crew seem lifelike because writer and producers knew well their living counterparts.
Plus Fay Wray was filming "King Kong" during the day while filming "The Most Dangerous Game" at night with Joel McCrea and Leslie Banks.
Miss Maven recommends both as musthaves since Ms. Wray's performance is just a starting point for similarities between the films.
Both have heros worth drooling over--Miss Maven means admiring!: Bruce Cabot and Joel McCrea.
And then there is Robert Armstrong, who gets a little drunk in "Most Dangerous Game."
Hey, watching Ms. Wray set on far away lush green islands that are part rocky mountains and part marshy swaps that she's dunked into with hardly any clothes on and lusted after by monsters, some being two-legged . . . .
Oh, dear, Miss Maven needs to get her bourbon back out . . . I mean smelling salts . . . .
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