Sunday, November 27, 2005

Music in the Movies

Miss Maven is inaugurating a new department . . . .
Music in the Movies . . . .
You just never know where a song will turn up!
Such as Charlie Chan in Shanghai (1935)!
In this case, Warner Oland did the honors as our talented detective!
He is enroute to [like you can't guess?!] Shanghai when he's waylaid by a band of kiddies into playing leap-frog.
(Better him than Miss Maven because her arthritis sometimes sounds like a cannon going off if she has to . . . never mind!)
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The children then want Charlie to sing for them in a beautiful voice that Miss Maven wishes that Hollywood has used more often.
Mr. Oland sounds so much better than Maven does!
Princess Ming Lo Fu
Long the journey, hard the way,
But his heart was gay,
For, was he not a Prince both strong and brave,
Vowed a princess fair to save?
And he slew the dreadful dragon,
Even cut off his seven heads;
And in this cave he found the Princess
Bound in her lowly bed.
Then came they back to the land
Of the mighty Emperor Fu Manchu,
To claim his reward, the dainty hand
of lovely Ming Lo Fu.
The song is something of an "in" joke since it refers to another role that Warner Oland played in several movies: Fu Manchu!
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