Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Veteran's Day!

Miss Maven would like to salute our servicemen and servicewomen of today and tomorrow as well as those who have served our country since the USA's beginning!
Maven hopes that you all come home safe and sound to all your loved ones, knowing that the rest of us can never thank you enough!
Miss Maven would like to highlight one serviceman's tour of duty since you all are just as courageous plus just as gorgeous looking:
(Clark Gable with 8th USAAF CO Major General Ira Eaker)
Clark Gable arrived in England in April 1943 and joined the 351st Bombardment Group at Polebrook, Northhamptonshire, from where he flew some of his filming mission [sic] during bombing raids over France and Germany. He also flew with the 303 Bombardment Group from Molesworth in Cambridgeshire.
His presence and involvement were kept secret for some time because there were fears that he would be a prime target for kidnapping. He himself actually feared being captured and "put on show all over the Third Reich in a cage". It was known that Hitler was a particular fan of the star.
He is shown in the picture with fellow actor James Stewart, who served with the 445th Bombardement Group at Tibenham near Old Buckenham.
Our Military Rocks!!
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