Thursday, November 10, 2005

Flying Down to Rio

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire made their first movie together as a dance team in the 1933 Flying Down to Rio.
Dolores Del Rio and Gene Raymond were the stars of the movie, with Raul Roulien's beautiful tenor voice singing "Orchids in the Moonlight."
(Dolores Del Rio and Gene Raymond)
Miss Maven rates that song a show-stopper but it frequently doesn't get enough credit as it comes after Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger literally going head-to-head in the Academy Award-winning "The Carioca."
Their musical talents AND their comedic skills at least match if not over-shadow Del Rio and Raymond from the get-go.
Not to mention willingness to contort yourself for the good of the dance number, looking at that still!
Franklin Pangborn as the Hotel Manager tries to bring Raymond's band into tow with such edicts as they can't talk to the guests.
Rogers pipes up with "What if they talk to US?!"
Astaire compares Raymond's "interest" (okay, Maven agrees "lust" may be a better word!) in Del Rio to causing them to end up eating dog food.
And the cheap brands, too!
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers lead the band to a local Rio nightclub, guided by one of the locals who is proud to tell them HIS band once played Skinedectomy (know here as Schenactady!).
The high points are the production numbers, the first one that matched Astaire and Rogers dancing at their best and with a solo by Etta Moten (who only made this, Gold Diggers of 1933 and a third movie where her scenes were cut out.)
(Etta Moten)
The other was the finale of various ladies doing various things on all these planes.
Miss Maven doesn't mean for that to sound so naughty.
That's belongs to Ginger Rogers in the song called "Music Makes Me" and all the fun banter going back and forth throughout the movie.
Maven urges you to check this movie out for your own collection if you haven't already!
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