Monday, November 14, 2005

Death Takes a Holiday

"Death Takes a Holiday" isn't a film for everyone as Death wishes to take on human form to find out why he is so shunned and feared by human beings.
Miss Maven isn't surprised when she knows that most people have a healthy dislike of things they CAN see, like the IRS, police cars with lights going and doctors with thermometers in hand and eyes on your rear-end!
(Doesn't Frederic March look like he's trying to put a potato chip in his eye?!)
Frederic March's acting style is best described as the "I'm so precious I can hardly stand myself" school of acting. It can be irritating at best if not flat-out difficult to take depending on the role.
The dual role of Death/Prince Sirki in this movie fits March perfectly.
He comes to Duke Lambert (Sir Guy Standing) to announce his plan to appear as Prince Sirki and tells the duke no one is to know his real identity or he'll immediately revert to being Death and . . . .
Maven would just as soon as skip over seeing Death when he's REALLY ticked off!
Miss Maven thinks this movie is one worth watching either on cable or renting since it is a well-written script that's beautifully photographed with an excellent cast.
Maven must confess to enjoying taking back to the tv, listening to some of the lines they have!
DEATH: I am - how shall I pursue it - a sort of vagabond of space. I am the point of contact between time and eternity.
You couldn't think up a better job description?
DEATH: My holiday is just caprice - mad joke that I play on life. But what a monstrous, what a sublime joke! I, Death, do thereby take on the World, the Flesh, and the Devil!
Some joke! It sounds like a porn movie to Miss Maven and a badly-acted one at that!
DUKE LAMBERT (Sir Guy Standing): I've had a glimpse of deep waters tonight, and I didn't like it.
Just be glad you didn't have to go swimming in it a half-hour after eating!
STEPHANIE (Helen Westley): Love is music and love is poetry!
Can't you make up your mind?
ALDA (Katharine Alexander): [the clock has just chimed loudly and startled the Baron Cesarea] Midnight - and everyone's calm and collected excepting the Baron.
Miss Maven just got a look at the bar bill and she's be upset, too!
DEATH: I wish that we may never meet when you are less beautiful, and I must be less kind.
Just come over sometime right after Miss Maven gets up in the morning and has to face the Wicked Witch of the Mirror staring back at her!
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