Monday, November 28, 2005

David O. Selznick

David O. Selznick was a one-of-a-kind talent in Hollywood.
A one-of-a-kind what depends on who you ask!
Beverly Linet wrote Star-Crossed (G.P. Putnam, Sons; New York; 1986) about Robert Walker and Jennifer Jones and how large a part of their divorce was attributable to Selznick's egomania and obsession with Jones.
Linet writes (on page 113):
. . . [S]screenwriter Gavin Lambert relates that "whenever Marlene Dietrich [who appeared in Selznick's Garden of Allah] had a party, she'd set up a game of "Inquisition." One of the most provocative questions was "Who'd be the last person in the world you would go to bed with---even if not doing so meant sacrificing the lives of your children?" Her female guests, with rare exceptions, would unhesitantly name Adolf Hitler. But Marlene, who had personally rejected and violently detested the German dictator, never failed to reply, "David O. Selznick.'"
Obviously, in ways Miss Dietrich never made public, she had herself suffered at the hands of Selznik.
Miss Maven wonders what would have happened if David Selznick had been set up on a date with Godzilla?!
Maybe that's where Freddy Kruger came from?!


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