Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Thirteenth Chair

Tod Browning and Bela Lugosi collaborated on a movie before they worked on "Dracula."
While "The Thirteenth Chair" isn't a horror film, Miss Maven finds it suspenseful plus an interesting early venture of theirs.
It was a play that Bayard Veiller wrote for Margaret Wycherly (better known as the mother in "Sergeant York" with Gary Cooper).
The movie does carry over like a staged play but you not only have Wycherly and Lugosi but a fine supporting cast that includes Leila Hyams, Holmes Herbert, Mary Forbes and John Davidson.
The plot revolves around Margaret Wycherly as a refreshing change of medium to what we have become used to seeing who becomes the prime suspect when one of the sitters is killed during one of her seances during this locked room mystery.
Did one of the people at the seance kill him or was it the spirit of the man they were trying to reach?!
Bela Lugosi is the detective who comes to investigates and ends up . . . .
What is Miss Maven doing, giving away the ending?! Suffice it for Miss Maven to rate this as at least a must see.
Miss Maven would also like to mention "The Thirteenth Guest." No, it's not a sequel, just similarly titled!
It's has a pre-Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers who gets done in early in this old-dark-house mystery. Or does she?
Is she the hooded phantom that Lyle Talbot and the police are looking for? And why is the telephone working in a house that's been shut up for years?
And not only works but . . . kills?!?!
Miss Maven also rates this as a must . . . see . . .
What . . . what's that . . . ?
Oh, sorry. It's just . . . the wind.
So I'm told. . . .
What am I saying?!
I'm alone!!!


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