Thursday, October 27, 2005

House of Frankenstein

Miss Maven has some tasty tidbits for fans of "The House of Frankenstein!"
For starters, "A segment of this film was released to the 8mm home movie market by Castle films, under the title 'Doom of Dracula.' " (
Miss Maven wonders . . . if "House of Frankenstein" wasn't jazzed up enough for the 8mm home market, why didn't they use it to begin with?!
Or does that go with the goofs that also mentions for the film?
When Dracula is thrown from the carriage, and looks up the hill to where his casket lays, half his mustache is missing.
When Larry Talbot transforms into the Wolf Man for the final time, his hands aren't made up. This can be spotted before he crashes though the glass door.
At Dracula's last moment, he clutches at this coffin with his bare hand - which suddenly has a white glove on it as he dies and turns skeletal.
Poor Drac's mother had tried so hard to teach him that a gentleman ALWAYS had a fresh supply of clean gloves because you never know WHEN you might be in an accident!
And coming up with something so small like trivia for so large a creature as the Frankenstein's Monster almost puts Miss Maven into a faint!
Glenn Strange became the four actor to play the Monster in Universal's Franenstein series. The actor who played the original Monster, Boris Karloff, was also present on the film playing the role of Dr. Niemann. Being on the set Karloff, was able to personally coach Strange in the way the Monster should be played.
Despite the title, this is the first of the Universal Frankenstein films in which a member of the Frankenstein family does not appear.
Bela Lugosi was passed over the role of Dracula, partly because of negotiations, partly because the studio was unhappy with his performance in "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man" . . . where he portrayed the Frankenstein Monster; and the executives decided to edit out all the Monster's dialogue from the final version. [Also from]
The title "House of . . ." refers to the ruins/house owned by Ludwig Frankestein, the 2nd son of Henry Frankenstein (portrayed by Cedric Hardwicke) in the "The Ghost of Frankenstein". It's also the same 'house' where Lawrence Talbot discovers the Monster in ice in "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man"; and, of course, where Nieman discovers the Wolfman [sic] and the Monster in this film.
Originally Kharis the mummy, another Universal "classic monster', was to be in the movie but was removed because of budget restrictions.
Miss Maven, her Aunt Battie and her dear Auntie's assistants would have paid much Halloween candy to see THAT Battle Royale with the Mummy as well as those other monsters!
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Hi Virginia--Thanks for the great info on "House Of Frakenstein". Great stuff!!--Bill (Daytona Beach, Fl.

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