Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Ghost of Frankenstein

Working on "The Ghost of Frankenstein" could be a bloody mess~~and in the worst way!
According to Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com):
It was reported that the rubber headpiece used for the Frankenstein monster make-up was very uncomfortable for Lone Chaney, Jr. to wear. It sat directly on his forehead and he constantly complained. Once he asked for it to be removed. Angry ad frustrated when no one listened, he ripped it off himself, tearing open a bloody gash in his forehead. Production on the film was shut down for a couple of days.
By the way, imdb.com made a boo-boo themselves in the Goof department for "Ghost . . . ." They call Dr. Frankenstein's daughter (played by Evelyn Ankers) Elsa in the cast of credits but Ilsa in the section for Goofs. Even Ilona Massey is called Elsa in "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man!"
To continue with goofs:
The first time we see the else-up for the wall plaque for "Dr. Frankenstein - Diseases of the Mind" outside his "mansion", it is hardly in such a place. If you look close to the left of the sign you'll see a ladder, wires on the ground, palm trees and a station wagon type of car.
The dramatic shadow cast by the monster's hand when first discovered by Ygor in the sulfur pit comes from a light source completely at odds with the overhead light shining down into the sulfur pit in which we see the monster encased.
When the monster appears outside Ilse's [Elsa's] window, it casts a nearly full-body shadow on the library wall, with one arm fully visible, but in the close-ups of the monster has the arm in question obscured behind the window frame. Later in the same sequence, Ygor pops up over the Monster's shoulder, yet the shadow cast seconds later shows only the monster.
Miss Maven will never be able to watch "The Ghost of Frankenstein" in quite the same way again!
Especially when they obviously used a "recuperating patient" double for the Monster after surgery.
Anyone who can tell me just who that is in all the gauze-wrappings can contact Miss Maven at theoldmoviemaven@yahoo.com!


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