Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dracula Wannabees, Part 2

We have two other contenders for "Dracula Wannabees."
"Nosferatu" (1922) is what we would now call a bootleg movie made from Bram Stoker's novel.
It's a good story, coming from the original story, but difficult to watch since it is a silent film and made in Germany at that.
At least it is for Miss Maven and she's used to watching silents.
(Bela Lugosi and Frieda Inescourt)
"Return of the Vampire" (1944) has (surprise) Bela Lugosi as Armand Tesla, a vampire that gets "done in" during World War I and then gets "undone," thanks to World War II and Columbia Studios.
Miss Maven isn't making this up.
She's too busy watching these things!
"Return . . ." may not be in the same league as "London After Midnight" or "Mark of the Vampire" but it does good enough duty as a B-feature on a double bill.
It has a good cast with Frieda Inescourt as Lady Ainsley and a young Nina Foch as the object of Tesla's . . . interest, shall we say?
Heck, "Return of the Vampire" even throws in a spare werewolf of Matt Willis as Andreas!
(Nina Foch and Matt Willis)
Miss Maven rates it as an oughtasee.
Especially to see how Armand Tesla gets "done in!" At least until somebody ELSE needs Bela Lugosi!
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