Friday, September 09, 2005

The Thin Man, Part 2

Myrna Loy quotes Hunt Stromberg, their producer on "The Thin Man":*
The matrimonial combination of Powell and Loy--even that was a risk, because in those days you got married at the end of the movie, not at the beginning. Marriage wasn't supposed to be fun. Myrna says, "I think it's a dirty trick to bring me all the way to New York to make a widow of me." Bill observes, "You wouldn't be a widow long." She agrees: "You bet I wouldn't!" And he counters, "Not with all your money."
It's hard to imagine anybody today being able to pull these lines off and still come across as a couple passionately in love with other.
Hey, I can't imagine anybody today just doing justice these great lines!
. . .
*From "Being and Becoming;" Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.; New York; 1987; page 90.


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