Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sam Goldwyn

Sam Goldwyn, the Hollywood producer, had quite a reputation with the ladies according to Goldwyn (by A. Scott Berg; Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.; New York; 1989). On page 122:
Goldwyn's clumsy manhandling of women especially amused Charlie Chaplin. One day in New York, he conspired with theatre owner Sid Grauman on an elaborate practical joke. Charlie told Sam he had a beautiful girl to whom we wanted to introduce him, someone rich and pretty but quite shy. Chaplin suggested carriage ride around Central Park that evening. He and his mystery lady, wearing a dark veil, picked Goldwyn up at his new apartment at 125 East Sixty-third Street. In the warm evening, the three of them rode in the hansom cab through Central Park, the girl saying little. Goldwyn kept trying to loosen her up by putting his arms around her. When he started to nuzzle her, she threw back her veil, revealing Sid Grauman in drag. Grauman and Chaplin never forgot the incident. Neither did Goldwyn. He turned crimson whenever Chaplin retold the story, which he seem to do at any dinner party at which Goldwyn was present.
Sid Grauman is in the middle of the picture,
behind the Marx Brothers as they leave their
prints at his Chinese Theatre.
With friends like that, no wonder so many celebrities
have so much business with psychiatrists!
It's sheer self-defense!
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