Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mae West - by Edith Head

Mae West!
Just say the name and people have her picture in their minds!
Probably from one of her movies where she's making one of her pithy remarks!
The designer, Edith Head, met Ms. West in preparation for her new 1933 movie, She Done Him Wrong. . . .*
I fell in love with Mae the first time I met her. It was ten o'clock in the morning in her Hollywood apartment. She was the sexiest thing anybody ever saw at that hour of the day. She was wearing a long, tight, white dress cut down to the navel, her bosom thrust out seductively. All her contours were splendidly outlined in a soft, clingy gown that looked like it belonged to a bordello queen. She turned around to me and before I could even introduce myself, she said, "This is the Mae West look."
Naturally, I was apprehensive, because Mae was my first truly big star since Clara Bow. But Mae couldn't have been nicer. She sat down with me and explained exactly what the Mae West image was. "Edith," she said, "I'm a lady but most of all I'm a sexy female--the black-velvet-and-diamonds type. I want my clothes loose enough to prove I'm a lady but tight enough to show 'em I'm a woman."
A lot of people have tried to imitate Mae West but
can't quite do it.
Why? Simple.
They tried too hard to be as sexy as they saw Mae West.
The problem wasn't that she was sexy but she was having so much fun being sexy!
Mae was smart enough to know that if you're not enjoying what you're doing . . . then why are you bothering with it?!
. . .
*Edith Head's Hollywood; by Edith Head and Paddy Calistro; E.P. Dutton, Inc.; 1983; pages 20 - 21.


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