Monday, September 12, 2005

Kitty Foyle

Ginger Rogers will be in "The Barkleys of Broadway" on Turner Classic Movies at 10:00 P.M. (EDT) plus"Kitty Foyle," her Academy Award-winning role at 2:00 A.M. (EDT).
So I thought you might like to find out what she said about the role in her autobiography, "Ginger: My Story;" HarperCollins, Publishers; New York; 1991; page 235-226:
By the time we started Kitty Foyle, my very dark hair had washed out to a tone I felt would be acceptable. After I had digested the script, I concluded that Kitty couldn't possibly be a blonde. She was the daughter of a proud Irishman, and had to look and act like one. Dark hair, blue eyes, a quick wit, and a stinging tongue . . . that was the way Mr. Foyle saw his offspring. She could take care of herself, "come hell or high-water."
I felt the casting of this film couldn't have been better. The role of Kitty's boss, Wyn Strafford, was made for Dennis Morgan. Denis was the personification of the Arrow Collar man. He was extremely handsome, intensely romantic, without manufactured overtones. James Craig played the doctor and seemed born for the part. . . .
In Kitty Foyle I had an opportunity to create a three-dimensional portrait of a young American woman, and when the picture was finished, I felt I'd met the challenge. A wonderful P.S. to the release of Kitty Foyle was a cover story in LIFE Magazine on December 9, 1940, detailing everything about the filming of the picture. My second cover!
. . .
Ginger Rogers got her start in my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, where she and her mother, Lela, were living at the time with her step-father, John Logan Rogers.
I can remember my grandparents telling me about going to see her at the Baker Hotel downtown as one of the local entrants to a state-wide Charleston contest.
My grandparents went to Dallas when Rogers went there as our local winner.
It was a big deal when she was a semi-finalist because the other semi-finalist was a boy from Dallas. This heightened the tension since Fort Worth and Dallas had already been rivals for years before this.
Her prize for winning was an engraved silver medal, and a four-week engagement to perform on the Interstate circuit, which included Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, as well as bookings in Galveston and Waco." (From page 49 in her autobiography.)
One final note, THE ginger Rogers quote that has been attributed to various authors:
(About Fred Astaire) "Sure he was great, but don't forget that Ginger Rogers did everything he did backwards and in high heels!"


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