Tuesday, September 27, 2005

First Ladies of Horror

First Ladies of Horror
Miss Maven would like to introduce her Aunt Battie:
My dear Auntie will be carrying on for me here over the next few days while I do some finishing touches to our forth-coming Movie Marathon for Halloween.
So you all behave and have a terrifyingly good time!
I am Aunt Battie, like my niece was kind enough to mention.
I would like you all to meet my assistants,
Slo, Mo, and Larry!
If I may, I'd like to take a moment in salute to all the ladies of Horror who haven't gotten nearly the press that the gentlemen have!
First is Mae Clark, she of Frankenstein fame, also had an interesting time with James Cagney.
"Ms. Clark don't get no respect!"
Next is Fay Wray, who was menaced by King Kong by day and Count Zarnoff in "The Most Dangerous Game" by night.
(She managed to keep her clothes on in both movies, which would be a miracle these days!)
She also went several rounds with Lionel Atwill in several movies (hey, she survived Kong and Zarkoff!)
We mustn't forget Gloria Stuart who went rounds with not only an Invisible Leading Man but Boris Karloff in arguably the scariest make-up in the scariest movie of her career: The Old Dark House. Not to mention being stuck with Lionel Atwill as her father in "Secret of the Blue Room."
(Lois Collier in a poster for "The Cat Creeps")
Next we have Universal Studio's Horror Triumvarite of Evelyn Ankers, Anne Gwynne and Lois Collier who stared together in Weird Woman.
(Evelyn Ankers in "Frozen Ghost" with Lon Chaney, Jr.)
(Hey, if you can become friends making a movie like that, no wonder they were fast friends for life!)
(Anne Gwynne in "House of Dracula" with John Carradine)
On to Halloween!
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