Monday, September 26, 2005

Billie Burke reflects on her long Hollywood career in "With a Feather on My Nose," Crowell~Collier Publishing Co., New York, 1949, page 258:
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. . . My favorite role was in The Wizard of Oz, directed by the great Victor Fleming, in which I played Glinda, the Good Fairy. I never played such a being on stage, but this role is as close as I have come in motion pictures to the kind of parts I did in the theater.
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I recall Ray Bolger in that film. He was the Scarecrow. Day after day as the shooting went on I waited for Ray to dance. Finally I asked when.
"Dance?" he said, amazed. "Dance? Why, I'm a professional dancer. That's what I do. I'm a dancer. So of course I don't dance."
And he didn't. My parts in pictures have been something like that.


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