Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Maven's Movie Rating System

I have decided to post my movie rating system today since I'll be posting reviews in the days to come besides the behind-the-scenes that I've been sharing! . . .
My categories can best be described as:
1. Wannasee
2. Mustsee
3. Gottahave
4. Nuh-huh
We all know the films that we've heard about that we--or other people--think worth watching.
Then there are the classics, like Maltese Fallcon, that we can't pass up.
These frequently turn into movies that we want to add to our collections or we may buy them without ever having seen them on recommendation.
The movies that have turned into the "Nuh-uhs" can be as valuable in their way as the others. We have learned never to bother with that movie again, for starters.
You can sell them, trade them or decide to keep
I have done this with the likes of D.W. Griffith's early "Intolerance" and "Birth of a Nation." They aren't easy moviesto watch because the acting tends to be so over the top but they do show the beginnings of how actors performed in front of the camera in the early days.
Such movies also represent benchmarks of a pioneer in Hollywood.
^ ^ ^
You may have your own rating system that you can have fun comparing with mine as we get back to our popcorn, sodas, candy and our vcrs and DVDs!
Good Watching!


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